Monday, May 14, 2007

Vine Lace Baby Hat

This hat is made from the same skein of Koigu yarn used to make the booties previously posted here and shown below. I got the pattern from here. It looked to be about half the size before blocking, which had me a little concerned, but after soaking in 'Soak' wash and simply patting into shape between layers on a tea towel, it 'shaped up' beautifully! I think there's still enough yarn left to make an 'umbilical cord hat' ... bonus!

Here's the set shown together, just so you can see how cute it is! It was a nice change to deviate from the traditional baby colours.

Here's Brinkley, celebrating his 7th birthday today, in his most favorite position!

Yesterday the neighbours came over and asked if we wanted to go in with them in renting a lawn aerator ... which we did. Hubby was out chewing up the yard with this 'hog' of a machine ... his arm muscles were positively vibrating just trying to keep the thing under control. Now it looks as though an enormous flock of geese landed in the yard, did their business and flew off. It's difficult now to differentiate whether or not we're stepping in a "Brinkley deposit", or simply a aerated plug, which will hopefully decompose in the very near future.

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Paula460 said...

love the hat and booties!