Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Skein Shrug

I decided to keep it all one colour (although the colour represented in the photo is more yellow, than the actual colour of acid lime green). Talk about a fast knit! I think the finishing took more time than the knitting. The sewing up/putting together of a project is my least favorite part ... I think that's why I prefer 'top down' knitting ... hardly any sewing at the end! Just need to block it and then it's ready to gift. I'm not impressed with this yarn (Phildar Aviso) ... boy, does it ever separate/split easily! I had to redo and twist a couple of stitches, due to threads that were left hanging :(

I worked 5 shifts this week, which was more than I'd planned, but am starting to feel a little more confident. I finished off 170 name tags for the Chamber of Commerce's "Spring Fling" and am now working on a wedding book to display in the store, which I may use it as a course project to teach next month.

My flights are booked to Winnipeg for July 6-12 to attend my BF's daughter's wedding. I'm going on my own and hubby is staying home to take care of the dog and water the garden. I was able to get a flight using points, so that will save a whack of money. Found 3 (count them ...3) cocktail dresses on EBAY this past weekend and am hoping at least one of them will work for the wedding. The wedding is on the 7th, my birthday and my BF's 25th anniversary party are on the 8th, and then I'll stay a few days longer to spend some time with her. Yeah! Can't wait to see her and catch up.

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