Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A year ago today, at the young age of 44, I had a heart attack. Hard to believe. I spent 2 weeks in ICU waiting on a priority list to have an angioplasty, and then had two emergency angioplasties within a month after. Not a fun time, let me tell you! Life for me has certainly changed in that it is much more laid back (not optional) my energy level is much lower and I have to take a lot of medication, but the bottom line is ... I'm still here and gratefully so.

I've mentioned here, previously, that 19 years ago I was treated for Hodgkin's Disease, with both chemo and radiation in the chest area. What the doctors either didn't know, or chose not to tell me was that the treatment would ultimately scar the lining of my arteries, causing blockages. So, even though I was physically fit, and ate healthfully, it didn't seem to matter. I was very fortunate to have a GP who was well informed and let me know that I should be aware this was a possibility. My faith in God and the prayers of friends, family and even people I've never met carried me through (along with a lot of knitting, to fill the time!).

My life, after surviving cancer, took on a different glow. The smallest things gave me the greatest pleasure. Now, it has been amplified even more. Thank you, Lord, for each and every new day that I'm able to wake up and simply breathe and enjoy your creation!

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Romi said...

Wow. What a wonderful attitude. Thank you for sharing it!