Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tiptoe Through the Tulips ...

These tulips were supposed to be a pinky, apricot colour, according to the picture on the front of the bulb package, when I planted them last October. They're basically a pale yellow, with the tiniest hint of a pink edge at the top. Definitely not what I was going for, but they're starting to grow on me (no pun intended.

Below is the birthday boy, relaxing in the shade. Boy was it ever hot out yesterday and today! Feels like summer has finally arrived in the West Coast. BTW, the birthday hat lasted precisely long enough for me to take the shot, before it was swatted off.


Romi said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaw!!! Happy birthday, birthday puppy. :)

Lovely tulips.

Dave Richards said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Nice photo...thanks for sharing this...seems like it was a great day as well...and for some more birthday fun also visit my blog on Birthday Wishes and check out all that i've posted there!!!