Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunny Day

The Soiree was a big hit, with all attendees thoroughly enjoying themselves and lots of great compliments on the 'make and take' projects. I'm definitely due for a raise!! I was so pooped out after the event, that I was completely useless the following day and did nothing but lay around in my sweats and drink tea. All is well now, and I'm up and at it again! Thanks for your lovely comments about the projects! I've yet to meet another knitter who didn't have another craft or talent up his/her sleeve. We're just a multi-talented bunch!

It's a beautiful sunny day, here in the Pacific Northwest, albeit freezing cold. It was -6 C this morning when I woke up. Thank goodness for down duvets! Too bad I'm not finished my Silver Belle yet, because it would have been the perfect day to wear it. The first sleeve and one front are finished and the 2nd one is about 3/4's complete. What an enormous amount of knitting! I have a permanent cramp in my mouth from holding onto the cable needle between required uses. My husband is actually starting to understand my clenched responses to his questions. It took me awhile, but I've pretty much memorized the pattern which makes it so much easier. I'm about 'done' with the seed stitch pattern, though. Definitely not my favorite. I can see that I'm going to have to do some serious blocking once I'm done knitting this. That ripple has got to go!

To me, the edge of the sleeve looks a bit too unfinished, so I think I may do a horizontal cable trim to finish it off. I saw it elsewhere and thought it was brilliant, so I'm just going to be a copy-cat!

I finished knitting this bamboo lace scarf ages ago, but didn't get around to blocking it until this week. I decided to take the plunge and do a full wet block, which worked out beautifully! This pattern was created by a friend of mine and is quite effective and easily memorized.

Modeling, while taking a self portrait is no small feat! I love the softness and sheen of this yarn ... it was purchased as a gift for me by a friend while she was in Germany.
Lastly, a package arrived from 'over the pond' yesterday, with 20 more balls of Jaeger Extra Fine Aran in a lovely Aubergine shade. Think 'merlot' rather than purple. I really like this yarn and since it's been discontinued thought I'd take the opportunity to snap it up. I'm thinking it may become a "Rogue Hoodie" (minus the pouch in the front). I'm definitely on a 'cable kick' at the moment.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I think I've mentioned before that I work part-time for a large photo finishing/scrapbooking store as a designer. I've been tasked with organizing and designing the product for a 'Soiree' at work for our top 30 clients, so have been hunkered down in my workroom at home, all week. We are going to have various stations at which each client can create a 'make & take' project, using a variety of Quickutz tools & die cuts. The theme is "Pink, Black and Hearts", in honour of upcoming Valentine's day. Every one will come wearing the above colours and the store will be decorated the same. All food will be pink/red ... example: red/white veggie tray; red fruit, pink mini cupcakes; heart shaped cookies, etc.

I had the idea that each attendee create a valentine card as their entry into the big draw, which would then be sent to our soldiers serving overseas, with a message inside that says something like: "With heartfelt thanks for serving our country". We are also going to open this to all customers and have told them that they can drop a card off at the store up until Jan. 25th. Then, I'll collect them all and send them off to the troops ... likely in Afghanistan. Whether or not they agree with the war, we want our soldiers to know that they are thought of and have our support here at home.

Here are a two of the 6 projects that I designed.

This 'french fry' container was created using the Silhouette die cut printer which attaches to your computer. You can get download cards with all kinds of die cuts, plus there are lots of free downloads on-line. This is currently on my 'wish list' and next time it's on special offer, I think I'll have to indulge myself :) It retails for about $390.00. It's tough having two obsessions (knitting & scrapbooking) ... too many toy options and too little space/time!

I've been working on my "Silver Belle" in the evening ... boy, what a lot of knitting with all those cables!! I've just about finished the first sleeve/bodice, so will have pics to show you very shortly.

I went to an Intro. to Photography course Wed. night and learned a lot about programming my camera, when to use the flash, etc. If I even retain half of what I heard, I'll be good to go!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cutie Pie

Didn't get any knitting done today as I was too busy taking pictures of our grandson! Then, it was kind of hard to knit, considering he was konked out in my arms for over an hour ... didn't dare move him for fear he'd wake up :). Oh, but there is some knitting content ... notice the Christmas booties????!

Next post, I'll show you how far I've got on my "Silver Belle.