Monday, November 24, 2008

This and that ...

We've spent the last 17 days going back and forth to the hospital and also to my m-i-l's place. My f-i-l was hospitalized with severe viral pneumonia and had a heart attack the same day he was admitted, due to the fact that he wasn't getting sufficient oxygen into his body. He has been in ICU, on a respirator ever since. He's holding his own, although there has been little improvement, so all prayers are appreciated! My m-i-l is particularly finding it difficult as he was her primary care-giver and she finds it lonely without him, so we're over there everyday. We've been having challenges getting home help set up, but may have rounded the corner on that one today, thankfully!

Although I've been knitting like a fiend, I can't show you much as they're all Christmas Gifts! I can tell you that many a Tudora, Fetching, and Foliage (from has been made (using Malabrigo, of course!), along with 2 Ascots (from Interweave Gifts '07) ... love this pattern!!!

Below also are two Knitting Magazines I picked up while waiting in the Edinburgh bus depot ... look at all of those fabulous knitted ornaments! I've yet to make one ...

BTW, to my American friends, "Happy Thanksgiving", coming up later this week!

Thought you might enjoy a few pumpkin pictures, in honour of the upcoming occasion.