Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Tale of Two Hats

So, what's the deal with this???? Two balls of the EXACT same Cascade Fixation Yarn, in two different colours, using the same hat pattern (although the brim is slightly different) with the same number of stitches/needle size, yet the blue one turned out much bigger than the pink! I'm thinking the wrong label got put on the blue ball ... I was making them for my girlfriend's new twins, but clearly I'll have to reconsider, as the blue one is HUGE!

This little cutey is the "Snuggly Bubbly" shrug from Sirdar, Pattern #1652 and comes with either short or long sleeves. I made the size 2, intending it for my cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday in February ... however, I didn't quite get it in the mail yet :( !

Anyway, it only took 2 balls of Snuggly Bubbly yarn, which has the texture of soft, bumpy chenille and is very reminiscent of a bedspread I once had ... hmmm. While the yarn felt soft to work with, it was a bit of a pain as there was a sizable 'bump' every inch (with thin yarn in between) creating challenges in maneuvering around 'make 1 stitch' instructions. Not to mention the 'mind numbing' stocking stitch pattern ... I was thankful it was only baby sized (and short sleeved). I would probably make this pattern again, using perhaps a textured organic type cotton.

I'm still dragging myself around with this flu, and don't dare knit anything more challenging than a plain knit stitch, as was evidenced in the cabled front of my Bristow cardigan, which I shall now have to 'frog'. I was blissfully knitting along, when I came to a point in the pattern where it said "At the same time, do ....." when I was already 2" past that point ... g-r-r-r. I should have been decreasing for the neck edge, too, not just the armhole. That will teach me to read through the whole thing first.

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