Friday, March 30, 2007


This is a little (6x6") scrapbook about family that I made for my sister. It's a colourful, interactive book, which makes it kind of fun for all ages.

We've had 3 days of 't-shirt' weather ... I actually got a little red driving around with the sunroof open yesterday. Drove into New Westminster to get my finances sorted out with a new financial planner my Dad recommended. Really great gal ... liked her style a lot. I was in and out within 45 minutes, so took some time to wander through the New West. Quay and see the interesting stalls. Picked up some yummy looking veggies and fruit and then headed back to get to my hair appointment.

On the way, I remembered my Dad telling me that a LYS (local yarn shop) was closing and had a major sale on. I had some time, so stopped in. All yarn was 75% off!!!!! I managed to restrain myself, and only bought a modest bag full, sufficient for 3 projects. Yarn that would normally cost 8.99/ball was instead only $2 something ... I was very nearly dancing in the store! I would have done a lot more 'damage' as they had quite a bit of Rowan Tweed, but sanity ruled when I realized that I would be extremely itchy/irritable if I even so much as touched it :( So, I admired it from afar.

Imagine, an avid knitter who develops an allergy to wool! Previously, it was only the rough, scratchy kind. Now, it has extended from Highland/Shetland wool to include Alpaca, too. I can cope with that, but it had better not extend to merino in the future, or I will be a very unhappy camper. Until recently, I was a 'die-hard wool only kinda gal' ... I wouldn't even remotely consider expending my energies on an item that was made from acrylic ... ugh! I just find that wool hold it's shape so much better, and the stitch definition is amazing. Now, I'm actually venturing into the cotton/blend realm, which is quite a deviation for me. While I like the look and feel of cotton, I get frustrated with the saggy, baggy after effects. Thankfully, I'm still OK with both the merino and cashmere blends and let's hope it continues!

I've been working on the Somewhat Cowl from Wendy at Knit and Tonic and am about half way down the body. When I get the batteries sorted out for my camera, I'll post an 'in-progress' shot.

We celebrated Mom's birthday last Sunday with Brunch at Newland's Golf course. If you've got a big appetite, the buffet was amazing and literally filled an entire conference room with it's various 'stations'. Didn't need to eat for the rest of the day!

The hospital announced yesterday that Terry's mom is fit to leave, so we picked her up this a.m. and got her settled in at their apartment. Terry is off with his dad picking up some equipment that should make her life safer and a little easier. Looks like we might be getting some company this weekend, so I'd better tackle the dusting!

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