Monday, March 12, 2007

Ruffles and Lace

There is another 3" in the rain gauge, according to my husband, however, the sun has finally come out, so that's a happy thing! I've got a draggy behind today, due to the onset of a cold :( ... however, Brinkley made it clear that he was having a walk today, so off we went. What a fiasco! He hasn't been on the leash for a couple of days (due to the torrential downpour) so he had to stop every 10 feet to check and see if any of his buddies had left 'p-mail' messages for him ... and then leave one for them in return! We'd just get going and then he'd veer off again ... g-r-r ... oh well, it was nice to get some fresh air.

Here are some 'F/O's ('finished objects') that I made in 2006 which I thought you might be interested in seeing. The first one is Pretty Peplum Cardigan, from Paton's Classics Pocket Patterns #500807, knit in lime green Paton's Katrina (per pattern specifications). It was great to work with: lots of stretch, a little shiny and great stitch definition, HOWEVER, what a pain to wear!!!! You barely just look at it, and there's suddenly a 'pill' on it. Heaven forbid your sleeve rubs on the side of the cardi and there's another pill! Note to self: NEVER buy this yarn again! Actually, I've heard tell that it's discontinued ... small wonder!

Pretty border! OK, I admit it ... I'm a girlie-girl at heart. I love ruffles!

Next up is 'Dianna' Lace & Ruffle Cardigan from Adrienne Vittadini #AV-PB25. I used Rowan All Season's Cotton Yarn (in cream), from my stash, which was wonderful to work with. I refer to this as my $1000 sweater. If I was to calculate the number of hours it took me to complete this thing, based on my hourly salary, that's what it would be worth! I figure I spent more time frogging (rip-it, rip-it!) than I actually did knitting it. I found the pattern to be beyond vague ... (it was the complete anti-thesis of a Debbie Bliss pattern , where she all but tells you when to blow your nose!) but I was bound and determined that I was going to conquer both the lace pattern and the cardigan. I'm so glad I stuck it out, because I absolutely love it! I have an antiquey looking faux pewter/garnet brooch, which makes the perfect closure when I don't want to fuss with it open.

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