Friday, March 9, 2007

Paper Thieving Dog!

I was wrapping a gift and had to leave the room for a moment. Guess who sneaked off with a piece of tissue paper??

He loves to shred it, then (when it's done to his liking) he lies down in the middle of it and has a rest, as if to say 'there, that job's done'!

Here's the current status on the Knitty Bristow cardigan ... I got a bit done last night on the left side. Notice the curvy shaping on the right side! The little eyelets are cute and the cable is sufficiently challenging to add interest, without having to be riveted to the pattern. Actually, I did this while watching TV last night. Check out the 'tres cute' stitch markers on the needle (recently received from a knitting friend) in my current favourite 'apple green' colour!

Just got off the phone with my Dad, who returned home from Scotland last night. He couldn't say enough about the flight, as he ended up in 1st class! He was given p.j.'s, slippers, toiletry bag, a chair that makes into a bed, his choice of 20 movies to watch, filet with lobster for supper ... etc. He had used points for the flight, but my hubby checked into what the cost would have been, if he'd had to pay for it ... you'd best take a seat ... $12,000!!!

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