Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tale of a Tea Set

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my Dad is from Scotland and he was recently over visiting his mum ('Granny Minnie'), just before she passed away on February 26, 2007.

This tea set is infamous ... shortly after Dad emigrated to Canada, his mum and dad had their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Dad bought them the above (Royal Albert Silver Birch) tea set as a gift and sent it back to them ... for the grand total of $49.95, including shipping ... over 55 years ago!

The tea set has NEVER been used! Granny thought it was 'too good', and we were only allowed to look at it when we came for a visit. It got taken out of the cupboard at least once a year, washed/dried and returned to the cupboard. We used to go into the kitchen to make a pot of tea and then shout back 'will I use the good tea set'??? She'd get so huffy at even the suggestion of using it. We'd give it right back to her saying, "We've come all the way from Canada to visit you, and you won't even serve us tea in the good china"? Guilt trips were ineffectual. We used to threaten that we were going to take it with us on one of our many picnics and she would give us the silent, evil eye.

My cousins never cared for the tea set, as they much prefer Denby style dinner service. Once when my aunt and cousins were over visiting, they jokingly said to Gran that they would have a 'Greek Party' with the china, after she was gone, tossing it around to their heart's content! She was not impressed!

Interestingly enough, my husband's grandma also had the same tea set ... pieces of which were bequeathed to him when she passed away.

Dad and I were on the phone while he was in Scotland, and he said they were clearing out Granny's house, and sending most of it to a local charity shop. No one over there was interested in the tea set, so I asked Dad to bring it back home. So, the tea set has come full circle, back to Canada, where it will be used and enjoyed. Here's to you, Granny!

All told, there are 6 cups/saucers, cream & sugar + tray, sandwich tray, cake plate and 6 side plates.

Tea for two, anyone?

Presenting, the cake plate, which likely would have been Gran's favorite, as she loved her sweets!

My Granny, Minnie Dougal, died on February 26th, 2007 at the age of 98, with my dad and his sister (Chris) singing hymns to her as she peacefully went to be with the Lord she loved.

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