Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Elann Esprit Baby Hat(s)

The pattern for this hat was provided free, by my LYS, and actually calls for Cascade Fixation Yarn, but the Elann Espirit works equally well, and I actually prefer their interesting colour ways.

This is the hat that I started in the waiting room last week, while waiting for my m-i-l to have her eyes assessed. It was completed yesterday, while I again waited with her ... however, this time it was in the Emergency ward at the hospital, where she was brought by ambulance, after falling and breaking her right hip on the weekend. Apparently it happened on Friday night, but she forbade her husband to call an ambulance, or let us know! She spent 2 days in bed (in what must have been horrendous pain) before finally giving in and letting the paramedics take her to emerg. She must have an amazing pain tolerance level.

Here is the second hat, also started yesterday, and almost ready for the crown decreases. Thank goodness I had my knitting with me, or I would have gone 'stir crazy'! We were in Emerg for almost 8 hours, before she was taken into surgery. My hubby bbq'd steak for dinner (bless him!) and I was in bed shortly thereafter. Called the hospital this a.m. and they said she had a good night. My hubby and his dad are up visiting as I write. I'm still in my housecoat, dragging my behind. I bumped into my cardiologist in emerg ... he looked a bit panicked to see me in there (for the 4th time this year!) but he soon realized that I wasn't the one lying in the bed!

Started the Bristow pattern from Knitty, in my all time favorite yarn ... anything 'cashmerino' from Debbie Bliss ... in this 'yummy' rich red. The back is finished ... I won't bore you with that picture as it was all stocking stitch, but I must say, the shaping at the waist is lovely (particularly nice for we 'curvy' gals). I've just started on the left front and am enjoying the cable pattern. I tried to do both the fronts at once, but confused myself with reversing the pattern (those darn meds!) so will do one at a time. BTW, L-O-V-E my Denise knitting needles. I'd be loathe to go back to straight needles and sore wrists ... these are wonderful ... I can knit pain-free for hours!

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