Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dog Mischief!

I was unpacking the groceries and was on my way down the hall with a new box of toothpaste when my husband needed my immediate assistance. I dropped the box next to my purse and went into the other room. Seconds later, the dog blew past me averting his head and looking highly suspicious. The next thing I knew, he'd managed to pop the box open, dump out the toothpaste and had begun to shred the box to bits (his favorite pastime). Thankfully, while there were dents in the tube, no teeth penetrated. Look at that face! How could I be angry??? The rule in our house (as it regards the dog) is: "If it's on the floor, it's fair game". My first thought was, "quick, grab the camera"!!!

How cute is this dog?????

1 comment:

Gaile said...

"QUICK! Grab the camera!"

Spoken like a true blogger!

And your dog is adorable, even while shredding cardboard!