Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Man

Goodness! Has it really been a week since I last blogged??? For those of you who were wanting to see the knits modeled, here you go! This is my own hat pattern, and Christine's booties, made 'preemie' size in Elann Espirit yarn. Photo was taken yesterday when we had a visit from the little guy. He's now 3 weeks old!

Last Sunday we held a baby shower in his honour ... here's what he did through the whole thing!

He was literally passed from hand to hand for 3 hours and never once made a peep. However, he made up for it a day later when he did nothing but howl all day long ... poor mom!
Here's his lovely cousin, Cicely, enjoying a snuggle with him. Notice the hat shown here previously which has a matching 'baby bolero' ? It's a little big yet, but he'll soon grow into it.

Went to the doctor's this week and we were pleased to see that he's gained 1/2 lb this week ... now up to 6lbs 14 oz. Go baby, go! On the way home, we stopped in to have a first visit with Great Grandma Eileen. She was pretty pleased to see him!


Virtuous said...

Very precious!! I love seeing baby knits put to good use!

I need try that bolero!

Virtuous said...

Hiya again!

Thanks for coming by to see me at my blog.

If you want TT to come visit you and the new baby in BC please stop by and sign up here:

Gaile said...

There is nothing sweeter than a new baby! Love the photos of the baby AND all the great baby knits. I have a feeling you'll be spoiling that little guy a whole lot!

mames said...

he is delicious, i can't believe my boys were ever that small. started out just like him, our 'big' boy and now i think he is almost 18#. enjoy his teeny tiny state, it goes so fast.