Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Cardigan Grows ...

A year ago September, a certain little miss who lives next door, was soon off to her first day of kindergarten, but announced that she needed a new cardigan (in purple please) to accomplish the task effectively. She came over and we went through various patterns (plus the stash) and discussed at length what shade of purple and which pattern it would be. She decided on the Rowan Wool Cotton, in lilac (kid has good taste!) and then Sirdar Pattern #1559. It turned out very well, and much to her liking. The first day of school '06 was a scorcher, but little miss wore the cardigan proudly, anyway, announcing to all (interested or not) that Kerry, her neighbor had made this sweater for her!

Fast forward to this September ... kid must be eating straight fertilizer as the cardigan is way too short in length. These 'seal eyes' were pleading with me over the fence to please make it longer. Of course I caved. I got out my crochet hook, blew off the dust, and got cracking.

So, I made it a tiny bit longer here ...

And a tons longer here ... (like about 3")

And ta-da, the cardigan reinvented!

The original cardigan ended with the seed stitch just below the bottom button.

I'd forgotten how quick the inches pile up when you crochet ... if I'd decided to knit the edging, it would have taken me several evenings. The bottom edging only took 1! Not that I'm thinking of converting anytime soon.

Now, all I need to do is give it a bit of a press and it should be good to go!


craft-chick said...

Oh my God...that is awesome!!!! I love that you were able to just whip up a new version, and I LOVE that new border, it's so pretty!

Tara said...

Beautiful work! Such a lovely shade, too.

Amanda said...

That is really beautiful! You did a great job!

BTW- Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Gaile said...

Cute idea! And I bet she was thrilled with the results. That border is perfect.