Sunday, October 21, 2007


I recently read over at annypurls' blog about her experience with wet blocking a bamboo knitted lace item and how disappointed she was with the outcome. It seemed to go a bit stiff and misshapen. A friend previously gifted me with this lovely soft bamboo/cotton blend yarn, with a beautiful sheen (purchased in Germany) which I've just finished knitting into a lace scarf. It definitely needs blocking, but I'm loathe to go the 'wet' route, after seeing anny's blog. Plus, the label says 'no ironing', so I assume that rules out 'steam' blocking. Any suggestions? Can you help me out?


Gaile said...

Your pretty scarf almost looks to be the same cojavascript:void(0);
Show Original Postlour of bamboo yarn I knit with awhile back. I'm emailing you my thoughts on blocking - too long for a comment (I got your email).

Danielle said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my kauni cardi :) You have a beautiful little grandbaby boy!!

My suggestion (and I'm only going on what I've seen and read online) for blocking your scarf might be to use a squirt bottle of water, and mist it with H2O and then to pin your scarf into shape. Good luck with it, it's a pretty color!

Virtuous said...


I was going to suggest the same thing Danielle mentioned on the blocking! This is good to know about this yarn!

Also, thanks for coming by my blog again!! I hate that you are allergic to wool! Oh my! But they make great substitutes now! Which I am sure you have discovered.

I must get your e-mail so I can respond to you. Could you send me one to:

with Sereknitty in the subject field so I won't delete it? :op


Tara said...

Hi Sereknitty! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Your scarf is lovely (I especially love the colour). I'd agree with Danielle on the blocking, just a light mist and pin should do the trick.