Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A little of this and that ...

Check out this yawn! Ethan is home and doing well. He's up to 6lbs 7oz., and everyone is pleased with his progress. Grandma got in some 'cuddle time' while everyone else cleaned up after I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner. I even got to change a couple of diapers!

A new hat for Ethan ... started out as Alison's bell bottoms, but I realized my gauge was out so I turned one of the legs into a hat instead. I used Lion Brand's cotton ease for the first time and am very impressed! It doesn't split like a lot of other cotton yarns and is very soft and easy to work with. I'll definitely use it again.

This is the Baby Shrug pattern from the 'One Skein' pattern book. This one turned out intentionally smaller as the Lion Brand yarn is finer than the one called for. This was OK by me as Ethan's so thin and tiny that it fits fine now and will last him through his first month.

Here's the set as it's blocking on the bathroom counter ... the angle is a little 'off', making the one sleeve look much wider than the other ... in reality, it's not!

I'm about 3/4's the way through the edging for the baby pinwheel blanket. I was smart to leave a whole ball for the edging as it looks like I will likely use all of it. Now I need to finish knitting the edge, then get the edge sewn on and the blanket blocked before the baby shower on Sunday!


craft-chick said...

Can't wait to see you're latest creations being modeled! He sure is a cutie!

Romi said...

Aaaaaaaaaw! Such a cutie pie! :)

craft-chick said...

I'm on Ravelry with the username craftchick