Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Baby, baby ...

Oh, what a fabulous day I've had! Firstly, I spent the a.m. in the hairdressers having a cut and colour, and then my step daughter & son in law picked me up to go along with them to Children's and Woman's Hospital in Vancouver, to have a 3D & 4D ultrasound scan done. She's at the 30 week point now and her friend is the radiologist who offered to do the scan for her. It was amazing! Look how cute this baby is! I couldn't believe how much detail you could see ... face, hands, mouth opening and closing, hand waving ... unbelievable! I was absolutely glued to the monitor the whole time. I really wanted to know the sex of the baby, but it's still a secret and won't be known until the delivery date ... darn!!!! The baby was positioned in a "pike", so even if we wanted to know, it would have been pretty difficult to determine.

It's uncanny how much the baby looks like my husband as a baby, and also our grandson Josh, whose baby pictures could have been interchangeable with my husband's.

We all went to Joey Tomato's for a yummy dinner and sat and drooled all over the pictures!

And here's the proud mama-to-be ... ever the fashion plate, she turned one of her non-maternity sun tops (shirred elastic at the bustline) into a skirt, which turned out to be not only cute, but very comfy.


mames said...

i love the 4d ultrasounds. i was lucky enough to have one every month (covered by ins. whew.) because of the twins. it is uncanny, our boys look so much like they did on the scans. you have basically met little person-to-be. congrats to you and your family. smiles.

Romi said...

How exciting! That is too too cool. :)