Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging Blah's ...

I have nothing new to show you. The blanket is still a WIP; I'm working on another pair of Christine's booties; I wound up my new skein of 'Tenderheart' from Hello Yarn tonight, using my husband as a very handy 'swift'; and that's about it. We hung some curtains in our bedroom today as the new neighbours are night owls and can see straight into our bedroom. Then my husband handed me a walkie-talkie and told me to stay put, while he went out to the backyard. I turned on the light and walked back and forth in front of the patio doors, where he assured me that from the outside all he could see were 'faint shadows'. I switched places with him so I could see for myself -- it's all good.

It's our oldest daughter's 30th birthday today and we'll be going in to see her tomorrow and also to collect our grandson, Josh, who'll be spending the week with us. A local church has a "Pirates of the Caribbean' themed children's day camp, which I've signed Josh up for. Hopefully it will poop him out for the rest of the day!

I had a couple of exasperating days at work this week which really got to me, but I'm trying to blow them off. So far, it's not effective. I'm teaching a course on Thursday p.m. so need to finish off a few last details for that and I'll be good to go. I spent part of the day today, designing some cards for a future course. Got to strike when the inspiration hits!

We popped in to see my husband's parents this evening and stocked up their freezer with home made meals that only need to be microwaved. They were down to their last one, so were happy to have more. Then, we stopped in at WhiteSpot for a burger -- yummy!

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