Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sad Day

Well, it was a sad day in my house yesterday. I think I've mentioned previously that I seem to have developed an allergy to 100% wool. Basically anything wool that isn't extra-fine merino, or cashmere. I was at my LYS recently and was bemoaning the fact to the shop worker when a lady overheard me and asked me what I had in stock. I listed off what I had, and what I wanted for it and her response was, "I'll take it all"! She came over yesterday, cash in hand, and left with 8 bags of wool in 2 huge carriers! On one hand, I was sad to see it go, but on the other hand, thrilled that it would go to a good home where someone who knows her yarns would appreciate it appropriately. I had laid all the wool out for her on my dining room table and after she left, spent the rest of the day blowing my nose, feeling like I had bugs crawling all over me and wanting to scratch my eyes out ... good riddance!

Here's what I made this a.m. for a display at work:

An acrylic pail, with all the makings for a day at the
spa, but at home. We've got lots of the unadorned
pails that we need to sell, so we're giving folks some
themed ideas of that they can do to personalize
them. It was a big hit!

The paper wasn't long enough to go all the way around, and I didn't really want to have an overlap, or put an extra piece in, so I came up with the idea of making it look as though it was a corset. Put some big eyelets in, laced it all up with black cherry organza ribbon ... fabulous!

Here's the cute little gift tag I made to hang off the side.

I've got family visiting from Scotland (my cousin, her husband and 2 tween girls) for a week. They're staying at a hotel in the city, but we plan to spend as much time as we can with them. They'll be doing the touristy day trips for a couple of days, but then we'll get together with them on the weekend. They had 5 days in Toronto, visiting her brother, and now a week in Vancouver, and then back home. Short trip! But they'll make the most of it.

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mames said...

oh, woe. at least you have the merino. i wish i lived in BC, i would have loved to assist you in unloading. i wish i lived in BC for other reasons too, we were there last august for a trip and i still dream of it. might be a little too much info, but our boys were made in canada (hee). does that mean we can emigrate with them? thanks for reading. smiles.