Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My friend just sent me these photos of her twins, Jamison and Jared, modeling the hat/sock sets I knit for them. Aren't they adorable? My friend has 5 children: a 10 yr old daughter; twin four year old boys and now *surprise* 5 month old girl/boy twins -- all the most beautiful children I've ever seen. While life can be a little overwhelming at times, she handles it with the most amazingly gracious attitude and is so grateful for the blessing and gift of her children. In my books, she wins the 'mother of the year' award!


Audrey said...

Such beautiful, happy looking babies Keri!! And your hats and socks look great too.

mames said...

mmmm. love me some twins (i have one set, god willing, that is all). they are adorable, the knits look perfect on them. your friend should be canonized, i cannot even imagine two sets. whew!