Monday, February 18, 2008

A little of this and that ...

We're not that big on "Hallmark Holidays" around here, but take a look at what my DH presented me with at the beginning of the week ... 2 whole dozen of them ... my very favourites. All together now, "awwwwwwww".

We decided that we would each have our favourites for dinner, as well. His ... t-bone steak (well, really, any steak, in any form is his favourite!) plus, steamed spinach with a drizzle of vinegar (go figure!) and a skewer of lemon garlic prawns, with double stuffed potato.

Mine ... lamb chops with freshly steamed asparagus, et al. So yummy! Topped off with a lovely French Merlot we had bottled ourselves. Hubby had even set the table with the fancy china, crystal and candles. Big points!

He had been salivating over a DQ commercial on TV for a chocolate/cherry B*lizzard, so I dragged myself out, sans makeup, in sweats, in all my 'I have a wicked chest cold glory' at 10:30 a.m. to pick one up. He was at the mechanics, so it was the only time I could sneak away. Apparently, it was all worth it :)

Now, onto the knitting. I had purchased a bag of DB Cashmerino aran from across the pond, in a lovely teal colour, for an absolute song. I picked the pattern out, which had originally called for DB aran tweed (translation: yarn with the texture of straw), so had made the substitution, having carefully calculated out all yardage requirements. Below is the pattern I chose ... minus all the gaudy embroidery.

I figured that I would only need 9 balls, based on the size requirements, etc. and would have at least a portion of one ball left over. Anyway, you can probably foresee where this is heading ... Here is the pathetic sleeveless cardigan, and it has been in this state for at least 3 months now. I got 3/4's through the sleeves (which I work at the same time) only to discover that no, I would not have 1 ball left over, in fact, I did not have enough to complete said sleeves!!!!! Grrrrrr! I contacted my supplier who sadly advised me that she didn't have any left, and not only that, it was now a discontinued colour. Not to be entirely defeated, I have been checking out ebay over the past few months, but no luck, until recently ... 2 balls showed up ... and it seemed that half the world was bidding on them, too. However, skillful ebayer that I am, I was able to scoop them up within the last few seconds of the post, which likely ticked off many a bidder ... TOUGH! They were even from the same dyelot ... what are the chances of that???? There are the little lovelies, just waiting to be knit into sleeves ...

Notice the pretty side shaping, for we gals who don't care to wear boxy, potato sack looking items.
Such a nice sheen to the yarn, sigh! As soon as I finish the 2nd pair of fetching mitts I'm working on, the sleeves will be next in line. Then, the next challenge ... what kind of buttons shall I select??? Perhaps a wood, or bone one, or pewter looking? TBC ...


Virtuous said...

AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww! @ Hallmark Day celebration! :o)

OOH No!!!! @ no more yarn

But *WHEW* at 2 more balls...AND same dyelot you are one lucky knitter!!!!! GURL!

Is that enough for you to finish up?!?
It is looking good!!

Hope you are feeling better over there!

Tara said...

I'm glad the story ended well! :) BTW, you keep mentioning scoring great deals on yarn from "over the pond". WHERE??????

Rachel said...

Awwww, that's so sweet! Lovely roses!

I'm so glad you were able to get some more yarn - there's nothing so heartbreaking as finding out you don't have enough yarn, when you're so close to the finish!

Jackie said...

Lovely white roses. Perfect.

I love the colour of the sweater and the shaping makes it just that much better.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

"Mine ... lamb chops with freshly steamed asparagus, et al."

Now you are a girl after my own heart--was there mint sauce involved?:)