Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been memed ...

I've been memed by Tara and am supposed to tell you all 7 random things about myself, so here goes:
  1. I didn't get married until I was 34, and instantly went from single, career girl to: wife, step-mom & grandma.
  2. Although my husband and I knew and worked with each other for 5 years, we actually only dated for 8 weeks prior to our wedding (4 weeks dating; 4 weeks engaged)!
  3. In my early 20's, I spent 2 years traveling in Europe as the female lead singer in a Christian Rock Band.
  4. My grandma taught me to knit when I was six, but it only became my passion within the last 5 years.
  5. I had cancer (Hodgkin's Disease) when I was young and have been clear for 20 years ... thank you Lord!
  6. I was very quiet/somewhat shy before I married my husband (who is extremely quiet!) When a co-worker remarked how chatty I had been (in a group where I didn't really know anyone) my dear husband replied that, "she could strike up a conversation with a fence post".
  7. I love dogs ... the bigger, the better! I have a wonderful golden retriever, whom I love to bits ... but one of my dreams would be to have an English Mastiff with a light coloured coat and dark, wrinkly face ... slobber and all!
Ok, so now I've supposed to tag 7 others to participate, so here goes:

Craft chick

When you've finished your 7 random facts about yourself, tag 7 others and leave them a message in their comments to let them know what you've done!

Now that that's done, onto the knitting! I was babysitting the grandson last week, for two days, as poor mom was down with flu/chest cold. We had so much fun! I finished the second 'Toasty Topper' from Knitty and while holding him in one arm, managed to snap a photo of him wearing it with the other hand. So cute!

See last blog entry, for specs ... please scroll down.

And onto the 'fetching mitts', also from Knitty .

I knit these in Debbie Bliss, cashmerino aran, exactly to pattern specs, however, after I finished the picot bind-off, wasn't impressed, as it was too wide and looked floppy/flared out, so I undid it and just did a normal (somewhat tighter) bind-off. I'm delighted with the results! Such a quick knit ... did one last night, and one the night before. We actually had a sunny day here, so I was able to take the photo outside. Notice the lovely, clean, white stucco siding, which I freshly painted last summer :)

I like that the mitts are a matched set, meaning that the twists on the cable are the reverse for the opposite hand. Clever pattern!

This was my first attempt at mitts, and I think I'll definitely be making this pattern again. It's definitely one of the nicest I've seen around.

They will be gifted to a friend of mine for her birthday. She has a serious liver disease which affects the circulation in her hands (which are always freezing), so I thought these would be perfect as she can even wear them around the house, but still have her fingers free to do whatever.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


mames said...

hi sereknitty, i love that you included me in the tagging. I did the random facts awhile back and they are in my archives which i do not know how to link to and, honestly, there is very little random left in my life right now with these twin boys and our daily 'rountine'. love the knitties, the gs is looking so durn cute.

Virtuous said...

Ooh I just learned so much about you!

My fav - didn't get married until you were 34. Gurl you give me HOPE!!! I am 33....sigh

So glad you won't get offended if I don't do the meme...I don't like doing them! ;op

That hat is too adorable!!

I did the mitts in that exact same color but yours looks better than mine! ;op I hated the picot edge! Ugh!

Just so happened to be a great V-day project!

Jackie said...

Well it is really great to learn a bit more about you. I will be taking part in the meme, thanks for tagging me. Now I just have to figure out 7 facts to tell everyone.

Danielle said...

I will do the meme, because it's a nice one! :) I love your toasty topper on your adorable grandson, what pretty yarn you used! Plus your fetching mitts are really fab, I think I might have to add those to my queue lol! Hope they make your friend more comfy, having cold hands all the the time must be a really icky thing to deal with to say the least!

Tara said...

Fun facts indeed! I'm glad you decided to participate in the meme. Nice mitts, too! I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with them.