Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The following is clearly a case of "what not to do"!!!

Don't put eggs on to boil early in the a.m. and then suddenly have a brainstorm for a new design; run down the hallway to your workroom; start designing a new project; completely forget that eggs are on the stove. :(

I heard a big "thump" on the tile floor in the kitchen and thought my husband must be up and has dropped whatever on the floor. Then, there was an almighty crash. I'm thinking "that's two ... what a bumble-futz! After the third crash, I thought I'd better investigate. The lid had blown off the pot and was sitting in the middle of the floor, followed closely by one shattered, very hard boiled egg. The others were cemented to the bottom of my non stick pot. The pot had boiled dry and all of the eggs had exploded. The worst part??? I didn't even remember that the eggs were on to boil until I saw them splattered all over the floor!!!

The pot wasn't redeemable and has been given a decent burial.

I guess my days of multi-tasking are over :(


Paula460 said...

ooops! thank God that the non stick pot is the only casualty...
but... any great design can compensate that!

Romi said...

Eeewwwwwwwwwww. :P Major bummer. :(