Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Hat for Emma

Back in June, I wrote about little Emma who was born very prematurely, here (scroll down a bit). I had made her tiny preemie hats to protect her little head. The first one was for a baby 24 weeks pregnancy size ... man, was it ever small ... not even doll size! Well, I got the word this week that Emma is growing and is now 8lbs and needs a new hat. Her head has been kept shaved, so that all the various tubes/monitors, etc. could be readily attached. She's still in Children's Hospital, but this week had the pacemaker and all associated tubing removed and seems to be doing OK ... thank you, Jesus! Her Grammie tells me that she's quite the little fighter!

In every stitch, in each hat that I've made for Emma, is a prayer for her well being, that God would restore all systems and functions in her body to optimum health and that her mom and dad would be able to bring her home soon!

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Romi said...

Oh my. That is an adorable hat and I know it will give her strength to keep fighting! Go Emma!