Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On 'Baby Alert' ...

Cell phones are fully charged and turned 'on'; pagers are at the ready; we're on 'baby alert'!!!

It looks like the baby may be delivered early. It's at the 36+ week mark, but Kala is having some toxemia/blood pressure issues, so we were at the hospital yesterday having yet another stress test. This past Sunday there was concern that she'd have to be induced or perhaps have a c-section as her blood pressure was steadily rising. However, yesterday, it had come down 6 points, and the baby seemed 'happy'. The doctor (who is actually on holiday!) is quite concerned and has called her several times. He has put her on blood pressure medication and ordered bed rest in the hopes that we can keep baby inside for at least another week, or longer. Not an easy thing for someone who has no hobbies and is already bored out of her mind. So, while she was over yesterday, I got out some big needles and chunky yarn, cast on, and taught her how to knit. She picked it up so quickly and is well on her way to having a lovely red tweed scarf for winter.

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craft-chick said...

What a great idea to teach her how to knit! I wish I had known how when I was on bedrest with my little guy! Good luck to you with the wait and I look forward to cute baby photos soon!