Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Special Card and Baby Pinwheel Blanket

We had some sad news at work this week: one of the gals at work's cancer has recurred. She had just finished treatment only a few months ago for breast cancer, only to find out that her lungs and liver are now involved. She's off work now, awaiting another round of treatment. It occurred to me that often we give cancer too much 'power' and that there are many things that it's not capable of. Based on that, I made her the following card, using a stamp that I bought several years ago, simply because I loved its message.

On a lighter note, the beginning of the Baby Pinwheel Blanket. I tried to start this thing a minimum of 10 times, only to fail. Finally, my girlfriend took pity on me and got it going for me, although, she said it took her 4 times, and she's already made it once! The key, apparently, is to use bamboo needles, as they are less slippery. The cast on method is so awkward with all the sock needles, plus only 5 stitches, I very nearly tossed the whole kit and caboodle! In hind sight, I think the magic loop method or 'Figure Eight' might just be the painless way to do this again for future. Of course, I think of it now, after all the struggles I had with it ... it's a wonder the yarn hasn't completely disintigrated from the many 'discussions' I had with it!

The yarn is called 'Marble' from James Brett (in the Autumn shade) and is a very high quality acrylic. Yes, you read that correctly! Me, the die-hard natural yarn fanatic is actually knitting with acrylic. I've seen this yarn in action before and was very impressed with it. The varigation is subtle and rich ... the yarn itself is very soft. The benefit? Machine wash and dry!!!!! This blanket is for our grandbaby to be. I was having nightmares thinking the mother of the child would inadvertently toss the baby cashmerino blanket (yet to be posted) into the dryer, so I'll be keeping that one for use at our house, and she will get the fuss-free (yet also fabulous!) version.


theresa said...

I hesitate with cheap yarn, too. I love your Marble blanket - great, non-pastelly colours! And I love simply throwing stuff in the washer.

rmsdeese said...

I saw the shawl posted on baby bumpers and came over to read more (it's beautiful)...then I saw you are using the marble yarn that I just finished using for a project...with great result. If you'd like you can check-out the sweater I made at my blog in the June 3rd entry!