Friday, June 15, 2007

Baby Bellbottoms & Friday Eye Candy

This is the start of the baby bellbottom pattern by Alison, in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, knit on 3.75mm 12" addi's. I'm using my Denise needles to hold the left finished leg and then I'll join them both in the round to finish knitting up to the waist. I thought it looked a bit odd to only have the increases/decreases on the one side, rather than on both, but decided to knit to the pattern exactly the first time, and then I can do whatever I want another time. The waistband is going to be a robin egg blue colour, in contrast to the chocolate, and then a matching blue bolero (eventually!).

The lilies exploded into bloom this week and as it's supposed to rain (again!) this weekend, thought I'd best get a picture before they turn to mush. Hubby was out mowing the lawn inbetween sprinkles, and I did some dead-heading. After all was said and done, the sun came out for a bit, so we sat back in our lawn chairs and admired our efforts. Happy weekend, everyone!

How cute is this dog????!! Sigh...

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