Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Knitting Blahs

Well, I've spent more time 'frogging' than anything else lately :( Can't seem to get inspired about any particular project or yarn. What's the deal with that, eh? Normally, I've got at least 3 projects going simultaneously, with another 3 lined up in my mind. The bell bottoms were a 'bust' as I thought I had gauge, but clearly not. Way too wide at the top. Ended up turning one of the legs into a hat, so at least I managed to salvage that!

Anyway, on to happier topics! Joshua turned 11 on the 19th, so we went over to help him celebrate and eat cake. Here he is snuggling with grandma and suffering through a photo op.

Kala is back from 2 week's vacation in Cancun and sporting a lovely tan, along with a slightly larger belly ... she's almost 7 months now!

Well, that's it ... I'm waiting for inspiration to fall ...

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Romi said...

Hapy birthday Joshua! Grandma is a knock-out! :)