Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alhambra is Blocking!

I can't tell you how much I love, love, love the colours of this yarn ... it shows up much darker when it's wet, but the dark spots are actually a fabulous plum colour. BTW, I'm very happy with the blocking wire kit that I ordered from Knitpicks. It sure makes life easier, especially when I'm currently addicted to lace knits :)

I may have never shared this about myself before, but I have a 'thing' about doorways & entrances ... to houses ... hidden side streets, you name it. Here are some more pics of my recent trip to Scotland, starting in Falkland Fife, where I spent the day visiting my cousin.

First stop, the local church --notice the gorgeous stonework at the arched entrance.

Love the herringbone brickwork with the wrought iron gate -- so classy!

I especially like this one ... my cousin explained that in the old days, when folks got married and moved into their new abode together, they would carve both of their initials above the door post, along with the year of their marriage ... how sweet is that???? What's truly amazing, is that the building is not only still standing, but inhabited!

The tiny round sign on the left says 'The Weaver's Cottage' ... also built in the early 1700's and currently occupied by someone who loves container gardening! Look how old and worn those steps are ... imagine how many pair of feet have climbed those stairs over the years??

Falkland recently won the award for best decorated town in Scotland. Can you guess why??? Every house is overflowing with gorgeous flower pots/gardens! I couldn't believe the size of some of the begonias -- the colours were stunning!

I was all set to buy up and move there, until my cousin told me the price -- a tiny 600 sq. ft. cottage goes for 250,000 pounds -- that's $500,000!!! It's a very desirable place to live -- so pretty, plus it has it's very own palace on the main street. Like a fairyland.

I was walking the walls in Berwick, England one day and came across this doorway -- soooo pretty! My dad grew up only 6 miles from the English border, so it's nothing for us to cross on a daily basis (no passport required!) and go shopping, sightseeing, have lunch, whatever, and then back to Scotland in time for dinner. Pretty amazing!

I'll leave you for now, with my favourite 'entrance picture' of my entire trip. At the end of the road where I was staying with my aunt, is a private residence/property solely geared for retired gardeners. It's absolutely gorgeous! There's a wonderful winding, forested path that takes you around the outskirts of the property and at the end of it was this sight -- stunning in it's simplicity.


Rachel said...

Beautiful photos and shawl! Thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

All right, the shawl is beautiful, but we knew that. I LOVE your doorway shots, especially the one with the initials and the date. So wonderful!

mames said...

i love the knits but the doorways stole my heart. the blue one is truly stunning. i want to see scotland now. oh, the shop is open and the green necklace is there, if you would like to take a look. :)

Virtuous said...

WHOA!!! Alhambra is looking wonderful! Can't wait for the F.O. post! :o)

Now tell me the secret on blocking with those rods?!? I still have no clue!

Jackie said...

That yarn is absolutely breath taking. I love the colours.

God bless.

mames said...

thanks for the great comment on the pattern. i highly doubt any book is in my future, there are too many mediums to do stuff with, now i am all about wreath making and embroidery, someone stop me. please.

Gaile said...

Love the photos! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation.

And the lace! Now I am buying that pattern.

Btw, I'm working in a yarn shop in Langley (88 Stitches). Just part-time, but I love it!