Friday, March 7, 2008

Warning: Annoyed Knitter on the Loose

Well, I have all but given up on my D.B. (not) embroidered cardigan (see last blog entry below) I completed both sleeves (again) this week, after exactly following the pattern, only to discover that the raglan on the sleeves is about 3" shorter than the corresponding back/front raglan. First, I tried to log on to the Debbie Bliss webpage, only to get an error message that said it was 'unavailable'. Then I went on to Ravelry to see if anyone was knitting this ... nope. Then, I googled D.B. to see if there were any comments elsewhere ... there were ... 16,500 of them, and not a one related to the pattern I was looking for. Can you imagine? 16,500 comments on the internet with regard to erratas in her patterns? Does she not bother with test knitters? What the heck is going on? Can you hear my frustration? Here we are, paying good money for patterns that are WRONG ... what's the deal with that? I may plan a revolt. Now, I need to rework the sleeves from the armhole cast-off and up. I'm not in the mood to be even looking at it right now, so have put it out of my mind until I come up with a suitable solution. In the meantime, I'm working on this:

The Icarus Shawl from Interweave Knits. I like a shawl with some substance to it ... not so it looks like a cobweb (although, some of those are very pretty), but with a bit of heft to it. I scored 4 balls of RYC Cash soft 4ply from Elann not long ago, and it's working beautifully. I'm only going to go as far as the 4 balls will take me, which means that I will likely remove a couple of the pattern repeats, before tackling the lace edging. That's fine with me, because I'd be just as happy with using it as a small shawl, or scarf.

I was blissfully watching TV in the evenings this past week and knitting, completely unaware that I'd messed up and had to 'frog' 2 evenings worth of knitting to correct the error ... double :P*********. Now, I'm back on track. This yarn is so soft and lovely to work with. I also picked some up in plum at the same time, initially thinking I'd use it for a baby 'February' sweater (e. zimmerman), but I'm thinking it would look fab in this pattern.

I have to tell you, I have the smartest dog. Last night, he came up to me to announce that it was bedtime and he wanted his treat, plus his last stroll around the garden. I looked at him and said, "wait 'til I finish my row". He plopped his butt down and sat there patiently, until he saw me put the knitting down and get up and then he bee-lined for the door ... amazing!

Here's my dear friend modeling the 'fetching mitts' I made her ... they fit perfectly and she loved them!


Rachel said...

That's too bad about your Debbie Bliss pattern. I would be really ticked off, too, if I knit a pattern with such an obvious error. My goodness, as much as those books and yarn cost, too! Outrageous.

Very nice fetching mitts!

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about the pattern problem. Yarn, at least the good yarn is so very expensive. Sure hope you can find a correction for the pattern.

I love the shawl pattern.

Tara said...

Wow, you score the best stuff on elann. Way to go!