Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's a card I designed this morning to go along with the pinwheel blanket shown below in last entry. As my cousin is from Scotland, I thought the argyle paper appropriate! The baby is named after his grandfather, who passed away at the young age of 33, so it makes it even more special.

Guess who came to visit for a couple of hours last night, while mom and dad went to the dentist?

Here he is with grandma, modelling his new hat on which I embroidered a snowflake. I got the idea for the pattern from my christmas tea towel. I basically just eyeballed it and stitched it onto the front of the hat. Pretty cute, huh! BTW, how do you like my new 'do'?

That was the last smile we saw for over an hour ... he basically screamed, at full volume, until his parents returned. What a pleasure?! The dog was very agitated and kept running up to me as if to say 'can't you fix this'???

He hasn't been away from his mom much and he was positive that I wasn't her! My husband and I took turns walking the hall and I sang every Christmas carol (all the verses, too) I knew ... no go. Finally, after he'd worked himself into a real state, barfed on me & had a diaper change, here we are, 5 minutes before his parents returned ... out cold! Grandma needs a drink! And, guess what? We get to do this all over again on Saturday evening and maybe even overnight :) All you moms have my utmost respect. I was shattered after 2 hours and you all deal with this 24/7 ... wow.


Virtuous said...

KA-CUTE snowflake hat love it!!

LOL @ last smile!

YES! Mothers do have my utmost respect!!!

Have fun this weekend! ;op

Tara said...

Yeah, they're awfully cute when they're asleep, aren't they? I left my 7 month old and my 3 year old with my husband last night, as my choir had a concert, and Phil only described it as "the worst night of his life". Oops! :)

craft-chick said...

I love the hat, and he is soooo cute!

Marianne said...

The card is lovely !
Ande so is the hat you made. He looks ever so cute wearing him.
Can you imagine we went through all this when our kids were little ?

Amanda said...

Very cute hat and blanket! Cute grandson too! I have a 3 year old and a 2 month old and they both wear me out. I can totally sympathize with the screaming.

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