Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby Pinwheel Blanket ... at last!


Baby Pinwheel Blanket Pattern
Edging pattern from Debbie Bliss 'Special Knits'
"Marble" yarn - 3 balls + 1 ball for edging ('Autumn' shade)
Denise Needles: Size 5mm
Susan Bates Bamboo sock needles: Size 5mm

Here's a reminder of where I was at with the blanket the last time you saw it.

This blanket is started in the middle and then you work your way out. I had such a dickens of a time getting this thing started in the round, until I tried bamboo needles and had success. They aren't as slippery as metal and made the job much easier. Once I reached the point where I could switch over to circular needles, I used my Denise needle kit, plus the extra cable accessory kit I found on ebay, which goes up to 52" around! The Denise needles made it so easy to change to a larger cable, when necessary. Love them!

The Debbie Bliss edging pattern finished off the blanket perfectly, without being too frilly, as the recipient is my cousin's new baby boy.

Here it is in it's entirety! While the colour is pretty close in the above pics, this one is looking a bit 'halloweeny' instead of more accurately, autumny. Oh well, you get the idea :)


Tara said...

Nice! I wish I had had the time to knit something like that when my son was born.

Marianne said...

Very nice ! Perfect colors for a little boy !

craft-chick said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blanket! It makes me want to try this pattern (and I don't have anyone to knit it for)! And the Marble yarn really adds to it, I love it, great job!