Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BSJ ...

Amazing how this reptilian looking blob, suddenly morphs (with a few strategic folds) into a completely reversible, cute little jacket!

My first BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I figured that since I was on a roll with the February Baby sweaters, I may as well graduate to the BSJ -- what a lot of garter stitch -- at times, it seemed endless, but quite gratifying once finished.

Yarn: 'Fat sock' from Hello Yarn - can't remember colourway.

A special thank you for the very kind comments you left on my last post ... we are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. We have amazing friends, family and neighbours who have been so kind and supportive to us over the past few months as we have dealt with so much loss in our immediate family, most recently with our much loved dog, Brinkley. The children from next door came to the fence with tears in their eyes to say how sorry they were and how much they'd miss him and promised to share their new puppy with me, once it arrives. Too sweet! It's been lots of shared tears, hugs and memories ... amazing, really, how one dog touched a family and a neighbourhood in a very special way.

We are healing ... day by day, it gets just that little bit easier on the heart. We are trying to find a new 'normal', as the past 9 years revolved around a dog and although we are finding the house a little too empty, visits from the grandbaby give us joy and we are rediscovering what it is like to just have each other. Not a bad thing, at all!


Tara said...

You are on a ROLL with the EZ! Good for you :) I'm glad you're on a path of healing with regards to Brinkley.

Virtuous said...

So glad you are doing better!

And love your BSJ!! The colors are FAB!!

(guess this is a sign to finish up mine...shish!! You are right..TONS of garter stitch...blah)