Friday, April 3, 2009

February Baby Sweater

Pattern: February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Lana Grossa 'Big' 100% Merino - 3 balls in stash
Needles: I used 4mm 24" circulars
Buttons: 3 , 1/2" mother of pearl
Size: I'm guessing, but I would say it would fit a 0-3+ month old
Adjust: I chose to only do 3 button holes

This is my first shot at an "EZ" pattern ... can you say 'vague'??? There was an awful lot 'assumed' which left me feeling like I wished someone would fill in the blanks for me.

After a couple of false starts (including nearly finishing the yoke when suddenly it told me I should have been putting in buttonholes) everything finally 'clicked'.

I loved that it's knit 'top down', as you know that I detest the sewing up at the end. All I had to sew was 5" up each sleeve and then of course, the buttons.

It's really quite an ingenious construction, however, it does require concentration and some sorting out in your mind. Until now, I've been mindlessly following patterns, with adjustments to suit my taste, but this one blew me away! I finished this one and immediately cast on for a second, so I could cement the construction of it in my brain.


Rachel said...

Oh, that looks adorable!

Virtuous said...

Yep that is classic EZ style - Vague but a freakin' genius!!!!!

I am finishing up my 1st EZ pattern the BSJ and if it wasn't for the DVD and excel document listing it row by row I would be Soooooooo LOST!!

But did I mention she is a freakin' genius?!?!? You already know that ;op

I know I won't be casting on for another BSJ, but would like to do the baby (never ever lady) February sweater.

Yours is just precious and there just something about doing baby items in white! Pure! :o)

Great job in sticking with it and CO for another one!!

Tara said...

I've never done an EZ pattern. She sort of scares me, actually. I like clear, detailed patterns.

That being said, you did a fantastic job! And nice new blog layout, by the way. Spring put you in the mood for a change?

mames said...

very nice. now you an make the grown up version.

Jackie said...

What a cute baby sweater. I love the lace pattern of the body.

God bless.