Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wherefore Art Thou, Blocking Wires????

As you can see, I've been testing out new background templates for my blog ... I think this is my favourite, so far. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion ...

Your comments on 'What I know to be true ...' were so appreciated ... I was thinking that I likely should have added an 11th ... "When you bolt out of bed in the middle of the night to attend to the baby, rest assured that the dog will be lying precisely underfoot and will jump up in alarm, causing both of you to overbalance and collapse to the floor in a heap, loud enough to waken the dead!"

Here's our little flirt (notice the wink!) modeling his top down cardigan from f. pea ... a button has since been added, with a loop closure.

Thank you for your comments regarding blocking wires. I went to the KnitPicks website last week and ordered their kit for $29.99, which I thought was very reasonable. Now, I'm waiting (not so) patiently to receive them so I can finish up this scarf and show you a proper F/O!

I'm also waiting to start the Alhambra Scarf from KnitSpot. I also needed lace needles to go with the Malabrigo Baby Lace yarn I bought and had looked at the Addi's and nearly fainted at the cost! So, while I was buying the wires, I noticed that KnitPicks has some for only $4.99!!! Compared to what I would have paid for Addi's, that's a steal. I'm going to give them a try and let you know how they compare.

So, until the blocking wires arrive, this is the lumpy mess I have to look at. Once it's finally blocked, I'm expecting it to explode from it's ugly cocoon into a beautiful butterfly!

Note: My dad came through his cancer surgery beautifully and is now home, enjoying the peace and quiet, as opposed to the busy, noisy ward. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf!


Rachel said...

Congrats on your Dad's recovery, and I like the new blog look!

Marianne said...

That's wonderful news about your Dad !
I like the new look of the blog too :-)
I'm sure Alhambra will be great once blocked !

Danielle said...

I like to change my blog around too, it's fun to me kind of like rearranging a room ;) I like this new look of yours!

Awww isn't what an adorable picture of the baby, he looks like quite the little gentleman in his new little sweater.

Happy you've ordered some blocking wires and I'm sure you'll be very pleased once your scarf is blocked!

Also that is great news about your Dad :)

Tara said...

Great news about your Dad. What colour yarn are you going to use for Alhambra? I love KnitSpot. I'm going to buy her Brambler and Diamante sock patterns when they're up.

Danielle said...

Hey I thought I'd just go ahead and answer your question about my pinwheel blankie here. Yes that's the lion brand cotton-ease yarn in the same colors. Boy it feels like that blankie will neverrrr end lol ;)