Sunday, April 15, 2007

You just never know ...

Well, it's been quite the week ... I started my new job here on Monday; had a staff meeting Wednesday night; worked Friday morning and had a haircut in the afternoon; found out Friday afternoon that my Dad had had a heart attack on Friday a.m. and was taken to hospital by the paramedics, was in surgery within the hour, had several angioplasties and a stent installed, went to see him in the hospital on Friday night and then worked a full day on Saturday beginning a 8:00 a.m. WHEW! It was weird visiting Dad in the hospital, because he ended up in the EXACT same room; in the EXACT same bed as I was in last May when I had a heart attack! It was very 'deja vu' for me. He is doing amazingly well and actually came home today. He's got lots of folk praying for him and coming to visit and we're very grateful for his speedy recovery and return home.
My husband's sister and b-i-l left this a.m. to return to Alberta, after a 2 week vacation here. The dog is still wandering around wondering where they are, or when they'll be coming back ... I caught him looking longingly at the door ... he loves his auntie and uncle (who spoil him rotten)!

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